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2016 Online Registration link below.

Registration Still Open for Some Leagues.  Please check the list below on which leagues have closed registrations prior to submitting a registration.  League Commissioner contact information can be located on the "About NCS" page using the link on the left side or below.

Click on the "Register" link below to begin your registration.


League Commissioner Contact Info

Click here to get contact information for league commissioners.

COACHES - Practice Field Reservation Request

Coaches, you can now request a reservation for a practice field at NCS though Friday, June 3rd.  Once the NCS season begins, fields are no longer available for reserving for practices.  However, if fields are open, teams are welcome to practice on a first-come basis.

Below is the current field schedule to review prior to making your request.  Please read the guidelines at the bottom of the schedule to understand the rules for reserving fields. 

To reserve a field, click on the link below and provide the following:

- Your name

- Your team's league and name (i.e. Pony Boys Reds, Jr. Girls Thunder, etc.)

- The field, date, and time for your request

Check this site frequently as the schedule will change multiple times during a day based on new requests, game changes, and of course, weather conditions.


NCS Field Management

NCS Field Schedule (As of May 25th, 5:26pm)


Field Reservation Request

Click to Submit Field Request






You can get a $50 Discount off your 2016 player fee(s) by recruiting a company 
to do one of the following sponsorships

1. Become a Team Sponsor for $250 and the company's name will appear on every players jersey to be seen for the entire season and beyond.

2. Become a Banner Sponsor for $225 with a full color 3'x7' banner to be viewed throughout the 2015 season at the fields. 

All you have to do is fill out the Sponsor Form and indicate which child it is sponsoring and you will receive a $50 discount on your fee(s). 
Only one sponsor per team.

Registration Fees for the 2016 Season

League Age Fees
T-Ball (Boys 5 & 6, Girls 5) 5 & 6 $40
Clinic Boys 7 & 8 $90
Clinic Girls 6 - 8 $90
Jr. Boys 9 & 10 $100
Jr. Girls 9 - 11 $100
Sr. Boys 11 & 12 $110
Sr. Girls 12 - 14 $110
Pony Boys 13 - 15 $120
Pony Girls 15 - 18 $120
HS Boys 16 - 18 $120
Family Discount 3 or more players -10%

ATTENTION- The Following Leagues are Closed.



ATTENTION- Clinic Boys Registration is Closed.

Please contact commissioner Perry King to have your son's name added to the league waiting list.


Thank You

ATTENTION- High School Boys Registration is Closed.

Please contact commissioner Rob Van Horn to have your son's name added to the league waiting list.


Thank You


ATTENTION- Senior Girls Registration is Closed.

Please contact Commissioner Tim O’Leary to have your daughter's name added to the league waiting list.


Thank You


ATTENTION- Senior Boys Registration is Closed.

Please contact Commissioner Rob Ouellette to have your son's name added to the league waiting list.


Thank You

Off-line Registration

If you do not wish to register using your credit card or PayPal account, you can still do an off-line registration and pay by check.  Simply print the registration form using the link below and complete the form and mail it, along with your check or cash payment, to the address noted on the registration form.

We strongly encourage using the on-line registration and paying with your credit card if possible.




NCS has developed a way with the help from Roosters to let your son's or daughter's play for fee this upcoming 2016 season.

After you pay your player fee(s) all you need to do is follow the 3 easy steps below.


1. Let us know you would like to recoup your fees with the 
Roosters 10% Off Fun Card Option
by emailing
with your childs league and your address

2. We will send you the equivalent number of Roosters Fun Cards
to be sold for $10 each to cover your kids player fee(s)

3. You KEEP every dollar you raise from the Fun Cards 
and you've recouped your fee(s)

Not only do you have your kids play for free but you also have a 10% OFF Roosters Fun Card that can be used any time you visit any Roosters locations for the rest of 2016.



Attention Umpires:

Currently all umpires spots are closed for Umpires Registration.


NCS prides itself on using our program youth for umpiring games for the Clinic Boys & Girls, Junior Boys & Girls, and Senior Boys & Girls leagues.  This approach for umpiring provides youth within our program the opportunity to grow as teens, begin to practice descipline and responsibility, as well as, the chance to have some fun, learn a skill and make a little money in the process.

NCS youth umpires must be at least 13 years of age (April 30, 2016) and will be assigned games based upon their level of experience, maturity, and availability.

Please Contact Jim Johnson by email to sign up.

For more information, contact:
Jim Johnson email


Ohio Concussion Information

Important Information about Youth Sports and Concussions!

The State of Ohio now requires all coaches to be trained in concussion awareness and rules related to protecting youth in sports. All HBA Prospective coaches MUST take the online course. Follow one of the the links below:

This One will Keep Your Certificate on File as well:

Team Formation Policy

Below is the current team formation policies developed by the league commissioners. 



NCS Program Regulations state, "each registered player will be assigned to a team by the leagues commissioner, using the following criteria:

TALENT PARITY (e.g., pitching, catching)

This team formation protocol is intended to clarify these criteria and process followed by the league commissioners.

In each league, the players assigned to a team as follows:

1.  Sons/Daughters of the Head Coach 
2.  No more than two (2) Assistant Coaches sons/ daughters
3.  Returning players in the same league from the previous season, unless they request to be reassigned to a new team. Players "moving up" between leagues  should not expect to be assigned to a team with the previous seasons teammates.
4.  Siblings in the same league will automatically be placed on the same team unless otherwise requested.

After the first phase above, players will be placed on teams in an effort to achieve competitive balance among the teams in each league according to the following guidelines:

Using the pre-season player evaluations obtained by the commissioner on "Player Evaluation Day", the players are assigned to teams in an effort to balance perceived skill levels such as pitching, fielding, hitting etc.
An approximately equal number of older and younger players should be assigned to each team.
No more than a few players from a particular school will be assigned to a team.
Absent extraordinary circumstances (e.g. Medical necessity), any special player assignment requests will br granted only at the discretion of the league commissioner, and in the manner so as to maintain competitive balance.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to a wonderful season.