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Information About NCS


 The North Columbus Sports Summer Baseball/Softball Program is administered by a board of trustees who provide for the needs of the various leagues and the regulation of their activity.  

The parents of each participant are invited to attend monthly meetings held throughout the year and encouraged to support North Columbus Sports (NCS).

September 10
October 8
November 12
December 10
January 14
February 11
March 11
April 8
May 13

NCS Leagues

Leagues are available to boys and girls
in baseball and softball by age bracket
as follows base on player's age as of April 30th:


League Age Group
T-Ball Boys ages 5 & 6, Girls age 5
Clinic Girls Girls 6 - 8
Clinic Boys Boys 7 & 8
Junior Girls Girls 9 - 11
Junior Boys Boys 9 & 10
Senior Girls Girls 12 - 14
Senior Boys Boys 11 & 12
Pony Girls Girls 15 - 18
Pony Boys Boys 13 - 15
High School Boys Boys 16 - 18

Each league has a commissioner responsible for its organization and smooth operation.  These leagues are intramural in nature.  All games must be played on the grounds behind Ridgeview Middle School, 4241 Rudy Road, unless otherwise expressly authorized by the NCS Board of Trustees or the league commissioner.

The number of teams in each league is determined by the size of the registration each year.  Players will be placed on teams by the commissioner.  Rules to govern these leagues are determined by a Rules Committee made up of league commissioners and Trustees.

2015 Trustees and Commissioners

Position Contact Phone e-mail
President Mike Michalski 634-6002 mmichalski834@wideopenwest.com
Secretary Sarah Stertzbach 361-2597 sstertzbach@columbus.rr.com
Treasurer Troy Hanson 459-4304 troy.hanson@cardinalhealth.com
President Elect Open
T-Ball Commissioner Tim Sebetich 406-4420 timsebetich@gmail.com or heathcseb@aol.com.com
Clinic Boys Commissioner Perry King 397-0751 perry2223@att.net
Clinic Girls Commissioner Angela Yahn angelayahn05@gmail.com
Junior Boys Commissioner Eric Miller 361-7687 emiller1289@yahoo.com
Junior Girls Commissioner Malik Dean 774-3224 mdea2@columbus.rr.com
Senior Boys Commissioner Robert Ouellette ouellette@icemiller.com
Senior Girls Commissioner Tim O'Leary 554-5987 TimO@tpi1.com
Pony Boys Commissioner TJ Downerd 785-1501 t.downerd@aol.com
Pony Girls Commissioner Paul Thies 719-9451 pathies612@gmail.com
HS Boys Commissioner Chad Seevers 459-5783 cseevers3@yahoo.com
Trustee (Grounds) Troy Hanson 459-4304 troy.hanson@cardinalhealth.com
Trustee (Grounds) Adam McKinley 361-1141 mckinleyab@wowway.com
Trustee (Grounds) Open
Trustee (Sponsors) Gerry DeLuca 806-6777 gerdluca716@yahoo.com
Trustee (Sponsors) Tim O'Leary 326-0963 timo@tpi1.com
Trustee (Sponsors) Craig Rundio 353-6212 rundiolandscaping@icloud.com
Trustee (Concessions) Eric Miller 361-7687 emiller1289@yahoo.com
Trustee (Concessions) Ray Frabott 447-2182 danielbentley08@yahoo.com
Trustee (Parent Reps) Robin Barcikowski 989-8518 Rdbarcik@gmail.com
Trustee (Raiders) Sam Spofforth (boys) 477-0053 samspofforth@gmail.com
Trustee (Jaguars) Paul Thies (girls) 719-9451 pathies@franklincountyohio.gov
Trustee (Umpires) Tim Sebetich 406-4420 timsebetich@gmaill.com
Trustee (Umpires) Jim Johnson james.johnson1988@gmail.com
Trustee (Umpires) Larry Mull 740-965-9874 larry.mull@osumc.edu
Trustee (Rule Book) Mike Michalski 634-6002 mmichalski834@wideopenwest.com
Trustee (Rule Book) Open
Trustee (Uniform & Equipment) Jaysen Barlow 579-1442 jysenbarlow@gmail.com
Trustee (Uniform & Equipment) Larry Mull 740-965-9874 larry.mull@osumc.edu
Trustee (Uniform & Equipment) Gerry DeLuca 806-6777 gerdluca716@yahoo.com
Trustee (Registration) Troy Hanson 459-4304 troy.hanson@cardinalhealth.com
Trustee (Registration) Chad Seevers 459-5783 cseevers3@yahoo.com
Trustee (Web Page) Open
Trustee (Web Page) Chad Seevers 595-1263 cseevers3@yahoo.com
Trustee (Web Page) Perry King 397-0751 perry2223@att.net
Trustee (Scheduling) Josh Mustacchio 296-3983 joshuamustacchio@gmail.com
Trustee (Scheduling) Larry Mull 740-965-9874 larry.mull@osumc.edu
Trustee (Photography) Robin Barcikowski 989-8518 Rdbarcik@gmail.com
Advisor John Arnett 451-8039 joharnett@sbcglobal.net
Advisor Rick Parcher 394-6628 rparcher@tols.org
Advisor Steve Simmons ssimmons@columbus.rr.com
Advisor Steve Zeehandelar szeehand@aol.com